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What we do

Design Pack A   (The Architects Pack)

Our first design pack provides all the architectural services required for your extension.

The existing house will be surveyed by our survey team, and then transferred into digital format. Our architects then get to work on the design, based on the brief, which has been established in the previous client meetings and site visits. The architect will then present the client with a number of options based on the site-specific conditions and the client’s instructions.

Finalising the design can take between 3 and 5 meetings, depending on the complexity of the job. We provide the client with design options and scaled drawings after each meeting to analysis at home and provide us with the necessary feedback to continue developing the design.

When the client is happy to proceed with the selected option, the design is prepared to a detailed design stage and if required for a planning permission application. All the documents are prepared and the application is made to the local authority by extend.

After the planning permission process the drawings are brought to ‘tender stage’. This will take a number of meetings to conclude and these can take place either in the offices of extend or the clients house. The tender documents when complete outlines the scope of work required, for the builder to accurately price the extension including information on how the extension is to be built, the construction details, who is supplying what materials, the electrical and plumbing layout and the finishes.

The client is issued with five copies of all the drawings and specifications to give to their selected contractors for pricing.

Extend provides two site visits during construction to enable the works to be certified on completion and a structural certificate is issued on completion of the works. The day to day management of the work is by the client but extend can be called in if assistance is required.

Some examples of situations where design pack A may be suitable.

  • This pack can be used on any level of construction as it provides the service of an experienced architect.
  • If you are up for the challenge of building it yourself but you need the back-up of a design team if things go wrong!
  • If you want to add value to your house but do not want to build the permission yourself, example selling a property with planning permission. If you require retention permission - works previously carried out that require planning permission.
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